Our Journey

Our journey to launching Grace Woodrow Jewelry began in 2018 when Woodrow was approached by several guys who were searching for the “perfect” engagement ring. He listened closely to their needs and saw that many of them struggled between price and the quality of the diamond. He believed that a perfect diamond ring should last a lifetime and be affordable to everyone. As a founder of Grace Woodrow and a certified GIA Gemologist, he guided them to find the perfect ring that will make her dreams come true.

Heritage and Craftmanship

Woodrow’s family has been in Hong Kong and Macau jewelry industry for more than 35 years.

What we believe

Traditional jewelry markup their products up 6-8x. We bring you the same high-quality materials as other designer brands at a fairest price. By selling directly to you, we minimize the traditional retail markup.

  1. Our Markup
  2. Cost to Jewerly
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  1. Retailer Markup( Inventory , sales , commision , etc.)
  2. Wholesaler Markup
  3. Designer Markup
  4. Cost to Jewerly

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